Manmaani Sheila Ki...

Sheila Ki ManmaaniKatrina Kaif wanted original choreographer Geeta Kapoor to direct her in two award show performances. Had to settle for only one, Ganesh Hegde will guide her steps in the other

Katrina Kaif will be performing at two award functions this time. She will groove to the beat of Sheila Ki Jawaani. For one award function she has the original choreographer of the song Geeta Kapoor.

And for the other performance, she will dance to the tunes of Ganesh Hegde, even though her heart was set on Geeta.

Kat is very comfortable with Geeta and feels has given her steps that helped in making the song a rage.

Also Kapoor patiently worked with the actress for many days till she got all the moves down pat.

And she wants to recreate the experience, whenever possible.

She tried

It is learnt that when Katrina learnt that Ganesh choreographing Sheila, she asked the organisers (the Moranis) to go with Kapoor as she was familiar with the steps.

"But the Moranis insisted on Ganesh and Katrina finally had to accept the decision. She has been shooting and rehearsing without a break.

Tees Maar Khan director Farah Khan says, "I'm happy that Geeta is choreographing Kat for the award. She was my associate choreographer on TMK and actually the one who rehearsed with her throughout the shoot.

I guess for the other awards they wanted a different choreographer because song is the same. I'm happy Kat is making lots of money with Sheila because I had promised her that."

She adds that she is excited about seeing the performances, "Umpteen songs of mine have been performed on shows for so many years.

It's good to see how others do it differently. And yes I am expecting my commission from Katrina on this too. She better not get amnesia!"