Movie Review Of "A Flat"

A FlatStarring: Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Suri, Kaveri Jha

Director: Hemant Madhukar

Rating: **

A Flat is yet another typical Bollywood horror flick that falls flat without much to get frightened. Director Hemant Madhukar has tried to collect matters from several previous Bollywood horror movies and then compiled them and have put them together with some new faces under a new title. The film has been co-written by Hemant Madhukar and Ajay Monga.

If you expect to get some thrilling experience A Flat is not the right choice of movie for you provided you have watched Bhoot, Phoonk or Vaastu Shastra. Rahul (Jimmy Shergill) is the protagonist, who is an NRI and comes back to India to appease his lady love Preeti (Kaveri Jha).

However, Rahul gets trapped in his own apartment in India and discovers a diary that discloses the secrets of the ghost. With the development of the story, he comes to know that his friend Karan (Sanjay Suri) is the main culprit behind all these.

Karan impregnated a simple village girl even after being a married man. He brought the girl to Mumbai and forces her to undergo abortion even when the doctor warned that this may involve risk. Now, the film will revolves around how Rahul brings out the truth about his friend.

Jimmy and Sanjay have given great performances but this was not enough for a movie to strike with a prototype story of many other earlier horror movies. The flat in which Jimmy stays has close similarity with the one used in Bhoot.

You can enjoy some good music by Bappa but don’t expect to relate with the main storyline. Madhurkar has tried to bring out some horror factor with Jimmy’s realistic acting capability but the repetitive storyline takes away all the effort. You can go for the movie for Sanjay and Jimmy, the rest is nothing to get curious about.