Movie Review Of "Hisss"

HisssCast: Malika Sherawat, Divya Dutta, Priyanka Rawat, Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette

Director: Jennifer Lynch

Rating: ** 1/2

Mallika Sherawat has sizzled on screen again with her ‘naagin’ avatar in Hisss, which got released today both in India as well as in other counties. The movie is all about the usual revenge taking story of a female snake, played by the sexy Mallika. Her partner was taken away from her by an American scientist when they were in the most pleasant situation of mating.

Jeff Douchette plays the scientist, George States, who dares to enter this forbidden jungle in the Malabar Coast. Unable to gauge the result of his act, he takes to his hi-tech lab for conducting experiments on it.

He is unaware of the fact that the female counterpart of this python sized cobra is hunting for her partner and is in mood of taking revenge from the entire human civilization in the cities.

One will surely enjoy the transformation of a snake to a strikingly beautiful and attractive woman (Mallika Sherawat). Her desperate search for her lover makes her full of vengeance and she instantly becomes ready with her fangs to destroy any person coming her way.

Mallika has played the role of a snake woman very convincingly as she was seen kissing and licking her partner, the great cobra. She also shed the bare essentials she used to wear for the sake of turning a ‘naagin’.

Irrfan Khan in the role of a detective called Vikram Gupta keeps chasing this sexy killer ‘snake woman’ and he is in his usual form. We can’t term it to be an excellent performance.

A talented actress like Divya Dutta has nothing much to do in the film but she has enacted it sincerely.

Lots of special effects can be seen, which never have seen in Bollywood earlier. The later part of the film will reveal whether ‘naagin’ becomes successful in taking her revenge.

Even though lots of hype was created about the nude scenes of Mallika, there is nothing new or exciting to watch in the film. The new generation that has grown up listening to the ‘Ichchadhari naagin’ stories might just give a look at it but that may also go above their heads.

It’s just an effort to revive the ‘naagin’ stories, which have hardly any relevance in today’s life. Well, if you want to feel frightened by those sexy and angry lenses of Mallika then go ahead in this weekend for Hisss!