Ra.One Director's Laptop Missed, SRK In Panic?

Ra.One director`s laptop goes missing, SRK in panicA laptop containing vital data went missing on the sets of 'Ra.One' leaving the director traumatised

During a recent shoot for Ra.One, director Anubhav Sinha was a bundle of nerves when he discovered that he had lost his laptop, which contained important data of the film.

Shooting was stopped and the entire crew began searching for it. To Sinha's relief, it was found much later.

The director recounts: "We were shooting at Yashraj and my laptop was kept in my room. I told my boy to get it for me.

He returned to say it wasn't in my room. I told him that I handed it over to him to keep in the room, so where was it?"

He adds, "I got so worked up that I shouted at the poor guy. He went to check agains. It wasn't there. I freaked. Losing the laptop meant losing important data from the film, the music, scenes and so forth. So the entire crew started looking for my laptop.

Even Shah Rukh kept inquiring if I found it or not. We all were worried about the movie data being stolen."

"I tried to recollect the events that had happened before and realised I had told my of my assistant directors to keep my laptop in my room since my boy was busy.

And the AD by mistake kept it in his room!" He adds. "I was so relieved to find it but the trauma I went through in that half an hour was inexplicable."

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com