Anushka Sharma Miffed With Ranvir Due to Sonakshi?

Anushka miffed with Ranveer due to Sonakshi? Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma around 9 pm on Sunday in a white car at Juhu Scheme, near Amitabh Bachchan's house.

The Band Baaja Baraat actor was wearing a hat and it appeared that Anushka was a bit miffed as he was trying to please her.

PS: It was her birthday... maybe he did not get her the right stuff and she was cross? Tee hee.

Meanwhile Sonakshi, says Khamosh with a smile

Mrs Chubul Pandey aka Dabaang Sonakshi was in town to launch a magazine.

While the lady made a quick exit from the launch after a photo op with lens men and news channels camera crew.

A young daring fan asked her about her rumoured relationship with a bollywood actor. The lady choose to answer the question with a dazzling smile.

Now the man didn't get his answer but the memory of that smile is going to haunt him for days.