The Blueberry Hunt Movie Preview

The Blueberry Hunt Movie Preview

The Blueberry Hunt is releasing on 16 September 2011

‘The Blueberry Hunt’ is Naseeruddin Shah’s, Anup Kurian Directed and Arun Kurian, Sachein Shah, Mathewkutty Mattam and Anup Kurian Produced film,

The film is shot in Kerela, the lush green deserted estate bording the forest on high altitudes of Vagamon, Kerela,, The film is about a Colonel played by Naseeruddin Shah living with his large German Shepherd, its all about the last five days when Colonel’s plantation of a high potency variant of marijuana ‘Blueberry Skunk’ gets ready for harvest.

The film cast is, Naseeruddin Shah as Colonel, Vipin Sharma, PJ Unnikrishnan, Yadu Sankalia, Vinay Forrt, Kartik Elangovan, Aahana Kumra, PT Manoj, Sridevi, Kethonuo Mechulho, Khriesatuonuo Mechulho, Vingukhonuo Mechulho, Mrs. Antony, Tipu and Lakshmi.

Film lyrics is given by Murali Bandaru, EFX Developer Littu Kurien, and Kirti Killedar has give voice to the songs, Music is given by Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath,

Aahana Kumra who is the lead actress of the film is a debutant,

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