Aishwarya Rai's Baby Bump's Glimpse

Here`s a glimpse of Aishwarya`s baby bumpThough Aishwarya Rai has been doing a cover up act of her baby bump by wearing loose kurtas and flowing dupattas, here's a jhalak finally of the bump.

While Ash has been playing coy about flaunting her baby belly, suna hai ki the Bachchan Seniors have made trips to various religious places and doing everything to protect their bahu from buri nazar.

A Juhu panchi chirps to say they have put up thick curtains on their windows so that no preying eyes can get any jhalak of Ash.

MEANWHILE: Her hubby Abhishek Bachchan is being told that the new arrival might just bring him luck at the box office. AB Jr is quite sporty about his duds.

He doesn't get upset when the cast and crew of Bol Bachan chide him about being jinxed at the box-office.

A camel from Jaipur tells us that Abhi laughs it off when Ajay Devgn, director Rohit Shetty and the rest of the crew jest that his baby will bring him, and in turn them also, some good luck. Chalo intezaar karo tab tak.